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"Tammy Lewis of Altitude Data in Johnstown is a no-nonsense get-it-done type of resource...especially important for small businesses and personal users that do not always have the latest generation operating systems and software, and do not have a captive IT department down the hall. She was able to adjust her schedule and commitments to accommodate my urgent need to get my nearly non-functional PC repaired. Within a short time she diagnosed a hardware failure, confirmed that my data was accessible and secure, and created a plan to get me back up and running. Within a few days (limited by how quickly the RAM was available) she reassembled and tested the hardware, loaded new security software, cleaned up some software issues, and ensured my data was fully accessible. The little things that also mattered? She communicated repair progress so I was able to stay up-to-date and stress-free during the repair time and adjusted her communication to a level that was comfortable for me. I would not hesitate to rely on Altitude Data again for my PC repair needs, and recommend Tammy as a professional IT resource only if you want a fast response, viable solution, timely communication, and a fair price"

Michael R – Johnstown

"Tammy, thank you so much for a great job on my computer. It works great.

Also thank you for being so kind and patient with my many questions. You can bet I will recommend you to all my computer friends and family."

Vera – Fort Collins

"It's good to know you're always on deck. When I worked for bigger companies, I never had IT support like this."

Tyler – Evans

"As far as geeks go, Tammy is the best! She speaks her own special language, "geekese", and tries to translate that into English for those of us who are geekishly illiterate. After I have tried to fix whatever problem has arisen, thereby compounding the issue with my incompetence, Tammy cheerfully boots up our computers and waves her magic wand. With extraordinary patience, Tammy will explain in simple geekese the evil spell that our computers were under. I nod and smile and gratefully write her a check."

Jen – Fort Collins

"My aunt's computer over heated and crashed not long ago. My computer guy had moved away and I didn't know who to call to see if her system could be fixed. I found Altitude Data's website one night and sent out an email. Tammy responded the next morning, which was the first thing that impressed me! She went to my Aunt's and got her computer up and running in a very fair amount of time...and the cost was so reasonable! Her communication with me was great...letting me know what was wrong, what it was going to take to fix it, etc...keeping me informed the entire time.

I highly recommend Tammy at Altitude Data and will call her for any of our computer repair needs in the future! Thanks Tammy!!"

Pam – Wellington
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